We Shall Overcome

Went walking along the shore this evening in the company of the dog and Bruce’s new album. The tide was retreating, winds were light and the rain was not enough to truly notice. The album has the feel of a real party and the urge to dance was almost overwhelming. Thankfully, my sense of the ridiculous is still reasonably robust…I mean, 41 year old white men in Northern Ireland don’t dance…even alone on the beach. Especially alone on the beach!

This gig next week will be something else – and we’re bringing the kids…10 and 8 years old. They’ve been well educated musically, they even know all the words of Rosalita. We’ve seen Alison Krauss together, and musicians from the Cold Mountain soundtrack so the musical form won’t phase them. But seeing Bruce will be matched, for me, by seeing their reaction to the event.

Can hardly wait. But in the meantime I must finish this dissertation

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