Beginnings in Genesis

I taught a class in Belfast Bible College on the prologue in Genesis late in 2007 and made a promise then to post some additional material online. Since then I’ve continued to work away at it and found myself teaching it again in the first semester in 2009. In responses to the requests to post up material that we never got to cover in class I thought it would be prudent to gather all the posts together in the one page. Here below then, are links to all the posts in the series.

Any comments on the material are welcome.

Beginnings in Genesis

Containing Chaos

From Heaven to Earth

Exegetical Snapshot 1

Today is Sabbath

No Mere Mortals

Ashes to Ashes

Anatomy of a Sin

Final Kindness

Another Rebellion

Acceptable Worship

The Shepherd’s Shepherd

The Restless Wanderer

Building a City of Refuge

Common Grace

To Adam & Eve a Son

Blessing the Violence

Exegetical Snapshot 2

A Flood

Was Noah Really Righteous

Noah Vs Abraham

Postscript to Noah Vs Abraham…enter Jesus

Noah Obeys

Why a Flood?

The Ark

Be Fruitful & Multiply

Nimrod, Another City Builder

Problems at Babel

Making a Name

Avoiding a Scattering

The Blessing of Scattering

Confusing Tongues

Dispersion and Confusion

Beginnings in Genesis – Concluded

A New Beginning

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