Listening Post

Spent most of last week at the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland‘s 2006 Summer School ‘Listening Post’.

It’s a a real privilege to participate with the team as both colleagues and friends. And since this was a new form of school for us it was particularly fresh. The location was Farset International on the Springfield Road in Belfast, giving us a bird’s eye view over the city from the North/West. Perfect for listening to the Word of God as it speaks into the contemporary challenge of Northern Ireland today. I’m trying to capture some of the content in a few posts as I try to process the material myself. But as I was saying to my wife this evening, the church is so far behind the curve on the developments in contemporary Ireland, we are not even asking the right questions, let alone providing answers.

Some of my photographs from the school are posted in the side column of the blog. I think Belfast is looking particularly good.

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