Friday's Five – the Scribe Jamboree

I’ve missed the last couple of Fridays, due to work and travel but here’s a selection of stuff I’ve enjoyed this past week on Daily Scribe.

1. Cleave demonstrates here that some people have too much time on their hands and their heads up their a*ses.

2. I’m currently reading the same book so enjoyed this post on Mindful Mission on the power of music.

3. Shawn brought righteous anger to the atrocity in Lancaster County here.

4. Rob on threedays also blogged on music and songs in worship here.

5. TSK, benefiting from his 30 day blog fast produces an excellent survey of the penal substitution debate.

Finally, as an extra bonus, and given there is a slight musical theme above, Gail offers a little Billy Collins on a drizzly tuesday. Ok, I know it’s Friday, and it’s stormy outside the door but this is brilliant.

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