A Good Day

Birthdays on a Saturday are best, in my opinion. So here we are, it’s dark and sombre outside, we’ve just returned from the shore, the fire is lit (just for atmosphere, and for Ade who is always cold), and I settle down with some good grub, something good to drink, and the same birthday present I have received every year for the last three or four years….the West Wing box set. This time series seven…the last one.

I managed to avoid the show entirely during its run (we have neither cable nor satellite TV), so we’re about to gorge ourselves on 22 episodes, with the last episode of series 6 thrown in for context.

At my age, it doesn’t get any better (maybe a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean).

Just one more thing. If you know who wins the election DON"T OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

0 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. happy birthday mr j. can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday than in the company of jed bartlett. rock on.

  2. Just this afternoon we were speculating on the possibility of another dog (it won’t happen!). The fun bit was narrowing it down to two potential names. Which one we jumped for would be dependent on what kinda (hypothetical) dog we acquired.

    Current incumbent is a big chocolate lab. If we got a smaller, more bossy dog, we would call it Jed. A similar size one and we’d call it Ziegler (Ziggy for short). As a companion for Tobey.


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