Dr Elaine Storkey and the Credit Crunch

Well, I would love to report on the lecture last night, how Elaine wrestled with the text, spoke words of comfort to the afflicted whose investments were going down the tube, uttered profound prophetic challenge to believers to live simple lives and eschew the empty consumerism of the neo-capitalist empire, cracked a few jokes at which we laughed ruefully.

But I didn’t hear a word.

Having spotted a friend I sat down beside him for a chat about business until I surrendered my seat to an older man who was too arthritic to sit on the steps. I then helped carry some additional chairs into the hall and faculty room for some who wanted to overhear the talk; debated with my old friend John, caretaker at the College, about how many we could actually fit in the overflow room.

And finally, when he rightfully insisted that no one else could come in to the building unless some left, I surrendered my place to one of the dozen or so people who were shut out.

I felt all sacramental or something.

Anyway, from what I hear it was good stuff and if we manage to get the recording online I’ll post a link here.

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  1. You saint! to choose to go and be with the excluded, rather than inside in the warm. Thanks for your help, and giving up your seat!!! I did notice you’d disappeared. Thought the dog must need walking or the blog a talking to. 🙂

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