Why I love BBC iPlayer

This is me , sitting in the bottom corner of our garden in the early evening sunshine. The wireless signal is as strong here as in the house and I’m listening to this:

It’s Alison Krauss and Robert Plant on a previous edition of Later….with Jools Holland.


All this is by way of taking my mind of the biggest game of the season so far Carlisle vs Leeds. As I post I’m watching a stream of the game…we’re all over carlisle and leading 1-0 making it 2-2 on aggregate. My heart is racing. And I feel extra-time, coming on. But being a Leeds fan I also know, that as the song says..’hope deals the hardest blow’

[UPDATE: young Johnny Howson pops up in the 90th minute for his second goal and the leeds winner! YAHOO. Just as well I have such a strong heart]

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