The Banana Splits are Back

for those of us of a certain age…this is terrific news. Remember those Saturday mornings, the hippy, trippy bears, the Arabian Nights with Zazoom the crazy donkey, the Three Musketeers and of course the song. You remember it don’t you? All together now:

Tra-la-la Tra-la-la-la

One banana, two banana, three banana four….

So for a 30 sec version to stay in your head all day:

0 thoughts on “The Banana Splits are Back

  1. Glorious… And they haven’t gone down the route of cheap and nasty pseudo-manga cgi animation… Just the good old cheap and nasty route of men in oversized costumes… I can’t wait to see what the kids (and more likely the students) of this generation make of this…

  2. Great! I’m delighted to hear this as I loved them when I was a kid. Though, it’s not so pleasant to think of myself as of a “certain age”!

  3. Ha! before I could talk, apparently, I could sing this tune. (And I STIL haven’t learnt the words.)The benefits of being the baby… Probably had a profound influence on my theology too, don’t you think?

  4. can’t wait to introduce my kids to the wonders. What was said in the Arabian Nights to open the cave? Anyone know? I remember it as something like ‘Ro-zan Crow-bar’…but I was a kid.

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