Thanks Mr Bush

Geordie visited Belfast for 4 hours today. Here’s what I saw, stuck in a jam for 30 mins:

Yes, massive traffic jams for ages, so he could extend his sightseeing for a few hours.

The building I work in is directly below the flight path for City Airport and every day, electronics in the office flicker as the jets come in overhead. Let’s just say, I’m used to the sound of airplanes. This morning though was gloriously silent. Flights in and out of the two airports were halted as a no-flight zone was created.

So at 14:16 when I heard jet engines I looked up and there, on a wholly unusual flight path, though again directly overhead, was air force one.

Reports from a friend indicated that on all the roads round Stormont the usual things happened. Potentially seditious wheelie bins were searched and sealed. Welders were shutting the manhole covers. The security team who secured the Mission for the Royal visit earlier in the year indicated that this was way out of that league.

And at the anti-war protests in Belfast activists managed to replace the Union flag with an Iraqi one. Surreal…for just a moment or two. The place where thousands gathered to protest the anglo-Irish agreement many years ago sported this unexpected intruder. Nice.

[photo from here]

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