Skainos Developments


It’s been a busy month or so at Skainos as we near the end of the planning process and try to meet the requirements of funders just before we launch into the adventure of appointing a contractor.

On top of all this we’re redesigning the website and it’s almost ready to launch. (crookedshore readers can get a sneak preview here). It also brings with it a new Skainos Facebook page here – please feel free to sign up as a member. And by way of maximising web presence we’re also on twitter. I’ve decided to use it for skainos, much against my better judgment, but we’ll see.¬† So if you use it and are interested, please follow us.

And the flickr presence is here. This is interesting at the moment. Or at least I think so. We have our own personal archaeological dig going on and the archaeologists are turning up some fascinating material – including plenty of bones and skulls etc. The photo above is of some of the gravestones they’ve unearthed.

We’re also looking at a local video project so we may even choose to open a youtube channel.

It’s just such a relief and a great joy to see things moving on the site.

If you are at all interested in Skainos, EBM, urban regeneration and the story of community change, please come along for the ride any way you choose.

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