My Family Is Split!

It’s on a Saturday night when the profoundest divisions in my family are clearest. My wife and my 9 year old son versus my 11 year old daughter. I shuttle between them trying to keep the peace, while they are embattled in their respective encampments.

One in the kitchen, watching ‘How do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?’ and the others in the living room, watching the auditions on X-Factor. Pure genius TV, both of them, but they force my family apart…at least for an hour!

Come on Aoife!

0 thoughts on “My Family Is Split!

  1. Well, Aoife didn’t make it sorry, but my favorite, Helena, did – so I was happy 🙂

    No X-factor at all here, although I’m sure if my sister hadn’t been out, that would have been different.

  2. Hey Gareth,deep sadness here. All my Irish angst comes out again…perfidious Albion voting out the Irish 🙂 800 years of history repeats itself again on reality TV! But hey, at least someone with an Irish name goes forward. And my daughter’s delighted she’s backed Siobhan from the beginning, and she’s not as corrupted as me.

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