Gooner Gooner Gone

Being wired is a great thing. Especially when you’re winning. Tonight, during the game, I sat with the laptop IMing a friend in the US, my mobi beside me to text friends in the bar (babysitting duties so couldn’t join them) and others at home. All round me were means of instant communication. But what could you say in the last 10 when Barca were on top and keeping the ball.

Even the technology couldn’t generate any excitement. Not like the semi-final. Or the Real game in the bar. Remember that T and M?

But hey, the real final is next Sunday in Cardiff. Come on the Mighty Leeds.

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  1. yes I DO remember that. . . ! Great time that was, and of course WC. Also really appreciated your thoughts on saying goodbye, I’ve had those same feelings myself numerous times, and you put them into words swimmingly! (Can you tell by the fact that I’m reading non-recent blog entries that I’m procrastinating on putting together syllabi for the start of classes on Tuesday!!!)

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