Friday's Five – the Scribe Jamboree

Wow! is it Friday already? Here is a  summary of some of the best  religious blogging from the Daily Scribe in the past week.

1. Tim Boucher’s rant on reality TV and mindless celebs

2.  Mark Bushor on the characteristics of an exilic community. I’m fascinated by how elastic this metaphor of exile is, and have posted before on this blog here. I’m not convinced by Frost’s description but it is interesting.

3.Reb Chaim HaQoton has a great post on the superstitions of Friday 13th. Angela-Eloise adds more here. Great stuff from both of them.

4. Nathan Colquhoun has an interesting take on the small church/mega church thing. Small is the new big – I wish.

5. TSK scares me (and makes me laugh) with his fun post on domain mapping. I’ve registered a domain and want to map across but waiting to pluck up the courage. Glad his worked, drama and all. I’d like mine without adventrue.

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