Friday's Five: The Scribe Jamboree

Here we go with some fine posts from those wonderful people on the Daily Scribe.

Blogickal has a beautifully short, but aware post on the wind. She describes the wind as a kind of pied piper, playing its seductive sound out in the street, drawing her out. She also gets the award for the most Shamelessly Stat Chasing Headline of the Week: ‘Bloggers with Boobs, Get Your Cameras‘ !!

Shawn continues to draw wisdom from reflections on the ordinariness of family life with his post on toys.

Holly posts a quotation from Marva Dawn on how information overload paralyses us in the process of making decisions. Marva’s over in Belfast for a conference in November…I don’t know whether to go now. (Though since I have a seminar to do at it, if I’m not there Derek might struggle!)

I enjoyed Mark’s post, telling the story of two brothers. It’s nicely told.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out; I really appreciate it. And don’t forget to support Boobie-Thon. It’s for a very good cause and you never know which of your favorite bloggers you’ll find there!

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