Friday's Five: The Scribe Jamboree

How about some whimsy this week?

Without a doubt my favourite post of the week on Daily Scribe was A Rock’n Good Shabbos on Reb Chaim HaQoton. Actually, it was written by a guest writer as Reb Chaim is away for Yeshiva. It was a hilarious post about the inadequacies of bloggers that made me laugh out loud. And what better way to subvert the content than by linking to it. So Go. Now. Read it!

Song o’ the Season from Mike Duran sent me to my musical back catalogue for the soundtrack of my life.

This father’s sentimental memory juices were stirred by Shawn’s post on Lofi Tribe, Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs

I worried. No seriously, I did. How on earth could Cleave survive with this. Thankfully for all concerned it was resolved.

Finally, anyone with half a heart has got to be moved by Pernell’s week of misfortune

Elsewhere on the web,though not as whimsical, Kung Fu Monkey has this thoughtful and challenging post on Iran’s Quiet Revolution. There is an interesting dilemma here. Is Iran’s alleged aggression towards the US met by war waged through weapons like missiles and guns, or by war waged through the subversive consumption of jeans and cell phones. Choose your violence I guess.

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