Christian Hope Elects Obama?

obama_cowboy_hat_getty_626x274Offering a more down to earth appraisal of the Obama campaign and the task ahead of him, John Waters concludes his article in the Irish Times with the following (which begins with a mention of Reagan and Pope JPII):

Stranger still is that, whereas these older figures, and latterly Sarah Palin, were perceived by the liberal-secular world as appealing to something called the religious right, the hope that draws us to Obama and Clinton has also been rooted in an essentially Christian view of the world. Cultural memory tells us that Jesus lived and died a young, handsome man, and still, in spite of liberal-secular protestations, we scan the horizon for someone resembling Him.

Leaving aside the self-imposed caricatures of the campaign, Barack Obama emerges as the latest embodiment of this indispensable idea: that it is natural to hope and that this hope is underwritten by the infinitely greater hope we would deny. As Pope Benedict XVI put it in Spe Salvi, the distinguishing mark of Christians is that they know they have a future: they may not know the detail of what awaits them, “but they know in general terms that their life will not end in emptiness”.

This, astonishing though it may seem to much of the culture that embraces him, is what elected Barack Obama.

Interesting, no?

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2 thoughts on “Christian Hope Elects Obama?

  1. Very interesting. You should hear some of the abuse I have taken for not believing all Christians must support the party that puts “pro-life” and “family definition” in their platform even though neither candidate would do anything about either issue when elected…Here’s to the future, and hope. peace

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