Celtic Soliton Sessions: Reminders

Last weekend was the Celtic Soliton Sessions, and I was delighted that the Mission could host the opening day of conversations. It was interesting to come across blogging royalty, like Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) and Jonny Baker. Encouraging to meet guys from the South, like Cormac from Blackrock who is leading a new church round his rather packed kitchen table and Brad from Greystones.

Brodie from Glasgow and I shared a mutual affection for Glasgow Celtic and typical celtic antipathy towards English sporting teams. He’s also blogging on viewfromthebasement and is worth a look.

Finally a couple of reminders.

1. Juliet Turner: live in the intimate setting of a bar in Kelly’s. How good is she? Since I hadn’t seen her for years, I needed a reminder.

2. Ken: I have never left a conversation with Ken anything less than blessed. On Thursday we shared lunch and talked about how what had been alien communities to us had accepted us into their midst. For him the welcome came in the washing of feet. For me it was in the offer of a bottle of Bud at an 11th Night bonfire. Truly, said Ken, the Lord has furnished a table for us in the midst of our enemies. Beautiful.

3. Gail: thanks for the reminder that the kingdom of God is at my elbow, in the extraordinary ordinariness of relationships with the people around me each and every day, rather than the unnatural highs of conferences and celebrity. (All that despite the comment about middle-aged men and their Macs!)

4. Kelly’s Portrush: which reminded me that I am  old. And that if my daughter ever went out dressed like that I’d lock her up.

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  1. Hi Glenn, nice to meet you briefly. If you’re ever back down in Bray and want to stop into Greystones, you’re more than welcome…Brad

  2. Hey Brad, love the image in your header on the blog. VERY familiar territory. Next time I’m in Bray I’ll let you know and maybe we can hook up.

    Thanks for stopping by here.

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