Bob Lupton @ The Mission

A Conversation with Bob Lupton

Here is another one of those regular but unpredictable invitations to an event at the Mission. We’re hosting Bob Lupton from Atlanta for a few days, as part of our Mission Anniversary celebrations, and we’re planning  an open conversation on Friday 20 November  from 10am to 1pm, ending with lunch. If you’ve been to one of these before you’ll know it’s quite informal. Bob will address the group and then engage a conversation on Urban Mission.

Bob left a successful business career to move into inner city Atlanta where he founded FCS Urban Ministries in 1976. Since then the organisation has diversified and grown into one of the most significant urban ministries in the US. Bob is a well known conference speaker, and serves on the Board of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA).

He’s a real character, with great humour and insight gathered over decades in urban mission and this will be his third visit to Belfast.

I would be delighted if you could join me and the EBM staff and volunteers for what will be a fascinating encounter.

If you can make it, let me know for catering purposes – drop me an email using the contact details on the ‘welcome‘ page.


This is a photo I love. I took it in 2007 in Belfast at an international conference on urban mission. From the left it’s our own John Dunlop, Bob Lupton, Peggy Lupton and the legendary John Perkins. I had the privilege of transporting the latter threesome around Belfast in my car.

FCS Urban Ministries

FCS has blossomed over the years into a rather holistic ministry with a broad range of services including an array of youth programs, support for families and seniors, housing, economic development, church planting and educational programs. None of these is particularly unique in itself; however, when focused on a single neighborhood with the aim of community transformation, the effects can be dramatic. When invited to partner with a neglected neighborhood, FCS takes the lead in developing a comprehensive revitalization plan, mobilizes needed expertise and resources to implement the plan, and recruits “strategic neighbors” to help re-neighbor the community with strong, committed new neighbor-leaders. The goal is to re-create a stable, mixed-income community that is safe, socially and spiritually healthy, and economically viable.

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