Americans Who Tell the Truth

I came across this project through the Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries newsletter. The purpose of the project, in its own terms is,

to remind people of the dignity, courage and importance of some of America’s truth tellers and, whether or not you agree with a particular subject’s point of view, to create dialogue that will help each of us figure out which truths we value most as citizens in a democracy.


I’ve spent some time reading the entries, looking at the portraits and being inspired by the writings and speeches, and by the courage displayed in all sorts of ways. It’s a brilliant idea.

I wonder who would be in a comparable Irish gallery?

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  1. I saw this exhibit at the underground railroad museum in Cincinnatti, very powerful. I bought the book and am using it in class, so many of these folks were despised, imprisoned, and silenced and stood firm for truth.

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