Discovering the Spirit in the City

I’m delighted to say that this new book, Discovering the Spirit in the City, has been published and is available online (Amazon have the look inside feature if you want to check out the chapters). Edited by Andrew Walker and Aaron Kennedy, it is a collection of essays on the complexity and the blessings of urban life.

As if that wasn’t enough to entice you to buy, there is  poetry and a chapter from the inestimable Padraig Twomey and a chapter by me, titled The City of God in the Here and Now.

I’m waiting for my copy to arrive, so I haven’t read the whole thing, but I have seen Padraig’s and if the rest of the material matches it, this will be a volume well worth acquiring if you are at all interested in faith in the city. (And you can buy it secure in the knowledge that I don’t get a penny!)

The publisher’s blurb says,

In an increasingly urban society, we are losing touch with our roots. There is a hunger to engage with the spiritual implications of this, and to enrich our appreciation of the spiritual potential of urban spaces. Discovering the Spirit in the City brings together established authors with new voices to explore ways in which the concrete, consumerist and cosmopolitan context we inhabit can be re-enchanted with a sense of the sacred. The international flavour of modern urban living is reflected in inter-faith and non-British perspectives.

It’s a second volume of essays, following on from Spirituality in the City, published in 2005 which I’ve had cause to return to many times.



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