The Banks & a New Civil Rights Struggle

Peter Laarman from Progessive Christians Uniting has written a challenging piece called ‘I Owe, Therefore I Am: why struggling against the banks is a holy obligation.’ I dare you to read it.

He writes,

…in view of the manifold oppressions wrought by the bankers, fighting against the banks is the contemporary moral equivalent of the fight to unionize. It’s a basic civil rights struggle.

I agree, of course, but I would go still further. Did not Jesus say, in the great prayer he taught us, “release us from debt even as we release others from debt?” (Luke 11:3) I suggest that struggling against the banks is actually a sacred calling, a holy obligation, in relation to the central tenets of biblical faith.

The link to the article came by way of the newsletter of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries, the home of Ched Myers.

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