Shane Claiborne at the Mission

Looks like Shane Claiborne, founding member of the New Monastic community, the Simple Way, and author of ‘The Irresistible Revolution – living as an ordinary radical’ will be visiting EBM in late October. We’re planning a session similar to the Ched Myers event a couple of weeks ago.

More news later. And if you’re interested in being there, let me know.

0 thoughts on “Shane Claiborne at the Mission

  1. Very cool. You get all kinds of high profile people at EBM. I just hope you will remember the little people from out of the way uncool places. . . don’t forget, I’m in solidarity with you re: Leeds Utd. Sorry about the draw. I trust you’ll be sure to blog about Shane’s visit??

  2. Emma, will let you know what the arrangements are, when we’re clear on them. It’ll probably be the afternoon of 30 Oct.

    As for you Mitch, I only hang out with the cool kids…kinda hoping that by some process of osmotic transfer I’ll become cool like them. But where you are concerned I’ll hang with you out of respect and friendship and in recognition of your empathy for Leeds.

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