It IS about the Bike!

Relaxing at home tonight with a beer and a football game between Italy and USA. How come Italy always turn up in the coolest kit?

Rode in a charity cycle today for the longest spin of the summer so far – 73 miles. There were a couple of noteworthy events.

Firstly I rode it with some friends who originally planned on only doing about 20 miles. Neither of them had ever done more than 25 miles before, so imagine my surprise when they turned up at the rest station in Portaferry, 43 miles in (yes, I had left them some time earlier). We were served by the shore with a steaming bowl of Irish stew, some chocolate, a banana and theyw ere miraculously revived, so they kept going and completed the 65 mile round trip. Absolutely brilliant, heroic even. Without being unfair to them, neither of them would have imagined they were capable of but this was just such a good day. I told them they could consider themselves true cyclists now.

Respect Alan, Neil and Allen.

The second noteworthy event was personal. I am no longer a road rash virgin! Coming into Ballyhalbert towards the rear of a group of about 20, there was a big shout from the front of the bunch followed by dramatic slowing from about 25mph. The guy in front of me veered out, my front wheel struck his rear derailleur and my machine bucked and reared throwing me off onto the road. Left shoulder, arm and leg sporting the characteristic red burns.

I lost the bunch but the guys behind me stopped and asked if I was alright. Reflecting back, my answer makes me proud…”what about my bike?”

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