can you imagine any of this in an election here?

I find it bizarre that, for one party at least, in the US election it is virtually a requirement to believe in a literal six day creation – or at least pretend to. Now I’ve got to be careful because whilst I could never see that being part of the fabric in national elections in the UK or Ireland, it’s not too wide of the mark in certain quarters of NI.

But even here, I’m not sure we would stoop to this level.

And the candidate is forced to respond.

[for the background see Denis Staunton’s excellent Campaign Trail blog on the Irish Times online here]

This measure of creativity is magnificent – a spoof McCain ad.

Some other interesting stuff from around the place. West Wing gets in everywhere, and I’ve no problem with that. Virtual Methodist comments, and Alan in Belfast links to a brilliant Guardian article here, which offers Obama some lessons from the series.

And some indigenous angst and concern is worked out by peregrinatio. Make sure you don’t miss this bizarre piece. Tell me this is a spoof. If not….then I could despair of conservative Christianity in the US. Either that or they just don’t read their bibles.

And you just know cairns is desperate for change.

3 thoughts on “can you imagine any of this in an election here?

  1. Wow that bull photo is scary. I’ve been checking in with God TV the past few nights for their election specials (can’t resist) – seems the hard Christian right is running scared and have pulled out all the big guns – Pat Robertson, John Hagee, James Dobson, even Pat Boone(!), to put the frighteners on people.

  2. Thanks for including my little blog in your post. After yesterday, 40 years after Chicago ’68, it became possible to hope again that maybe the voices of change, inclusion, and promise can be heard above the crazies even when they scream in God’s name. peace

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